Come Bathe With Me

Come Bathe With Me

Speaking with a friend, I was surprised when she shared that she couldn’t remember the last time she’d taken a bath. She said that it had been years, that she only takes showers. I couldn’t imagine that. As a child living in the south, we didn’t have showers, we only had bathtubs. And when we moved to NY, I never wanted to take a bath again. I thought baths were passé and showers were cool and hip. But my mom would insist we take baths too. Perhaps that’s why as an adult I returned to the pleasure of bathing.

These days, showering seems to have replaced the bathing experience in most people’s lives. I wonder if it’s just a city thing? Urban dwellers tend to live more hectic lives and people believe they are too busy for baths. Lost is the concept that bathing is a very ancient remedy that would mitigate the stress of our modern lifestyles.  It’s a magically therapeutic experience. Many ancient cultures took bathing to its heights with luxurious public bath houses.

My friend admitted that one reason she didn’t take baths is that she didn’t like her tub. That certainly could be a deterrent, just as a beautiful tub beacons. Your average hotels will have tubs that are just meant to stand in for showering. But the hotel that it is encouraging its guests to bathe, to relax will typically have a stand-alone tub that is not connected with a shower; and I take full advantage of such a design.

I once stayed at the Hotel Nikko, a Japanese owned hotel. In addition to everything else that was absolutely exceptional and exquisite, they had a soaking tub, an ofuro. For those who are unfamiliar, a soaking tub is shorter and deeper than American made tubs. The impact is that the depth of the water slows down your heartbeat causing a deeper form of relaxation. It was a very special experience.

There have been many a moment when I’ve found myself standing in the shower, warm water spraying down on my body, and I realize how very  tired I am.  I then wonder why am I standing there, when I could be laying down, in a tub of warm, fragrant water?  And in some instances, I have just stopped and turned off the shower and ran a bath instead. I never regret doing that, switching gears for my well being. Laying down in warm to hot water is a far more relaxing experience than standing up in a shower. It naturally slows you down and gives you permission to lay back and unwind. Yet, many forgo this rejuvenating treat.  Water is healing, water renews, it is the elixir of life and it is my firm belief that every woman should sit in water and soak from time to time. The same goes for men. Everyone in the family can benefit from a bath, from babies to elders.

I am curious to know why aren’t people taking more baths? It seems with the level of stress that many are experiencing this would be a very accessible remedy. Please share with me your preference, shower or bath and why.  And of course I encourage to naturally enhance your bathing experience using Anu Essentials botanically based Body Care.  I do!

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  • Melissa

    03/07/2017 at 9:46 pm

    Hello Anu,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article on relaxation with us. I would love to treat myself to a luxurious bath house one day.

    I prefer to bathe but shower more because it is quicker. After reading this article, I will plan a relaxation bath at least once or twice a month.

    I don’t bathe very often because I want the experience to feel like a spa treatment. It is very therapeutic but I guess sometimes it can be difficult to block noises and have 20 minutes to myself without family interrupting my peace time.

    Everyone deserves time to feel relaxed because we work so hard. Thank you Anu.

    • anu

      03/07/2017 at 10:46 pm

      My pleasure Melissa,

      Let me just assure you, that you are right, everyone deserves time to feel relaxed because we do work hard. Additionally, bathing more will not take away the feeling that it’s special and a spa treatment. Before preparing your bath, prepare a note that you put on the bathroom door, letting you family know that you are at the spa and you’ll be back in an hour or however long you want to take. Before that, you can even share with them how much it would mean to you for them allow you to have that time for yourself, it will make mommy, wifey etc, a happier person. I’m sure they will love to be a part of making you happy. Enjoy!

  • Jaki

    03/13/2017 at 12:44 pm

    Hello siSTAR Anu! Thank you for a conversation that warms my heart. have ALWAYS preferred baths to showers. Perhaps, there are so many warm fuzzy childhood bath memories that remain very vivid in my psyche. As a result of a chronic illness that has affected my mobility, I now enjoy a wonderful walk-in tub that is a delicious indulgent spa experience.

    I have been having this conversation with friends for years about the benefits of a bath. In my most vulnerable times, my times of confusion and sorrow, the bath has been a place of solace and an invitation to let go… surrender… providing permissions to heal… to see and breathe in the essence of all of me… my good. bad. ugly. beautiful.

    It has been eight years since my daughter Imani transitioned. The bath is the one space where I wail. The spirit energy of the water receives my salt. My mother wet. Bathing restores my body and spirit. The power of water flows everywhere I need it to go and places that remain unnamed or uncharted. Magical soothing healing light flows through me. Bathing is the conduit and it is so simple. So inexpensive to receive. I’ve always had a bath tub but if I didn’t I’d have a bath splurge savings to get away to very nice hotels with soaking tubs. It would have to be my “necessary.” The bath often becomes my ocean when I can’t get to her hours ago.

    I am so excited and cannot wait to have Anu Essentials lined up in my bath sanctuary.

    Anu, the surrounding walls are a deep lush turquoise ( the paint name is “a day at the jewelers”). Needless to say I am happy to bedazzle with glistening bubbles.

    • anu

      03/13/2017 at 7:26 pm

      My Dear Sister, I am so glad to know that you know how to create a sanctuary in your home. This is what so many women are missing in their lives with the skipping of the bath.

      I know you must miss your daughter dearly. It seems unnatural for a child to leave here before their parents do. But often these angels have work to do on the other side. I know you know this an it doesn’t make the pain any less. But I will remind you that Imani is heart breaks to hear you cry. There must be a true healing. We will talk.

      Love you and keep enjoying your bath.

  • Marsha Nettles

    03/13/2017 at 9:10 pm

    Love baths. I would have 2 sometimes force my children (when they were children) to bathe. They wud always resist, thn I’d have2 chase thm out. My son wud immerse himself n all sorts of imaginary play, re-enacting scenes frm movies n such. He is currently at a performing arts high school. Whn I wz a stay at home mom, happily married but w/ only 1 bathroom n BK, I carved out a non negotiable ritual bath time early Sunday mornings. I served my family faithfully but they all knew that once I locked that bathroom door, I was inaccessible. I set the scene w/ ?, incense, candles, ? etc. My former husband n children were compelled 2 either knock on the neighbor’s door or pile n2 the car n go 2 the corner gas station. Sometimes, he took them 2 breakfast n I cud further my ritual worship w/ dance (usually naked.) They wud often adopt an conciliatory n apologetic tone. I wz never mad. I wz simply re-charging. However, they got the message. Mother’s Day wz a weekly event n our household.

    • anu

      03/13/2017 at 11:09 pm

      Love it! A woman who makes time for herself can better take care of those who are depending on her. Good for you Marsha. Keep the rituals going.