About Anu

Anu PrestoniaThe Anu Essentials product line is an outgrowth of my passion for the beauty and power of essences created by nature from the flowers, stems, leaves, barks, roots and seeds of plants. These substances are amazing treasures given to us by the Creator for our delight and healing. I enjoy the discovery process and the artistry of blending botanicals to formulate natural perfumes and to enhance products for hair, scalp and skin. Having worked with botanicals for more than 30 years and infusing them in my products, I continue to be fascinated by their alluring pull on my heart and my senses.

Some of my friends refer to me as “The Nose.” I’ve always had a strong sense of smell. Early in my career as a Hairstylist, I realized that I often could smell things others couldn’t smell or wouldn’t notice.

I now see this as a gift and I’ve used it to inform my choices in the aromatic design of my products. I’m mesmerized by the strong affect aromas have on us, how they can repel or attract, disturb or comfort, relax or excite us. I long to share the beauty, healing and transformative aspects of botanicals with others.

The world of natural essences – essential oils, balsams, and resins, their properties, their effects, the number of formulations that can be made with them – are infinite and I am delightfully aware that I will never tire of these fascinating substances. I feel that, no matter the pretty smell of fragrance oils or commercial perfumes, it’s natural essences that continue to call to me and whisper in my ears. They remind me through their magic that they are living substances that need to be studied and applied in daily living; for healing, cleansing, and for perfumery”.

~ Anu Prestonia