The End of The Line

It has not been easy for me to admit this to myself, let alone anyone else. But I can no longer delay informing you that after much consideration I have decided to discontinue the Anu Essentials Line of Hair Products with the exception of the Hair Oils. Our botanically infused Hair Oils have been handmade by yours truly since 1980 and will continue on.

In the current stock there are just a dozen or so of the Deep Conditioner and a couple of dozen of the Nourishing Gel Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioner. But due to a recent delivery there is enough Leave-In-Conditioner, Luscious Curling Cream and Soft Set Gel to last through the spring and summer. Yes, I know. I’m more heart broken than you can imagine over this reality. But at this point I must cut my losses.

My focus now is on my true love, botanical elements (herbs and essential oils) and all the ways I can infuse them into our lives. This includes Body Care, Essential Oil remedies (soon to come) mood enhancers that include our Refresh and Spiritual Spritzers, Perfumes and semi-precious, gem stone jewels. We will also be offering unique home and environment fragrances to enliven, cleanse and enhance your breathing space. It is our plan to expand in all the above categories.

As one who has been studying the healing arts for many years, I have studied Chinese Medicine, I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner, the desire to heal is a part of my DNA.  The infusion of herbal based beauty and environmental care products of Anu Essentials are an extension of my desire to offer natural healing solutions that beautify and inspire. I will be turning 60 years young this month and what better time than now to fulfill my soul’s desire to heal and beautify using the gifts from God, via nature?

Anu Prestonia – Yoga photo session, summer 2016

I would like offer my heart felt appreciation to all those who have supported Anu Essentials line of Natural Hair Products over these four years. We encourage you to stock up on the Hair Products you like most, while they last. I have! Due to the quality and cost of manufacturing the products, there will be no sale or reduction of prices.

Last but not least, Great News!!! We are very excited to inform you that in the coming days, we will be launching a new Anu Essentials website.  Stay tune.  And Many Thanks!



Liquid Jewels

This photo was taken during a particular moment of inspiration.  While bottling our Hair and Scalp Oils all at once I was enchanted by the colors of the oils and I wanted to try my hand at capturing their beauty with my camera. Often when we’ve been around something for years, in my case over 30 years, it becomes easy to believe we know everything there is to know and experience about that thing, that there will be no more surprises. Then out of nowhere, magic, you’re seeing this familiar thing with fresh eyes. 

I noticed within the colors of these oils there are nuances because they are natural.  Each batch is unique, their essences with their particular colors are produced from elements over time that are provided by nature.  Unlike synthetic oils that are static, nature lives, breathes and changes from one day to the next, and often from one moment to the next, just as we do.

Natural oils amaze me.  Their “liquid-ness”, the way they glide over surfaces, they way they offer easement.  I find them magical!  With base oils such as castor, olive, almond, safflower for example the oils that are thicker in weight take longer to pour while some others splash out more easily.  It’s as if each has its own personality. Then there are the botanical oils.  That’s where the accelerated and deeply mysterious experiences occur.  Oh, the aromas, the colors!  There is the viscous nature of each.  Some are thin and light while others can be as thick as paste and dark as tar with hints of blues or greens.  Each one is like a journey to the land from which they hail.  Lavender used in our Herbal Hair Oil is from France.  The citruses for the Golden Blossom are from Italy, Florida, and China, while the ylang ylang is from Madagascar.  Resins used in the Honey Suckle Peru balsam are from Peru and benzoin is from Indonesia.  In our Medicinal Hair Oil we have rosemary from Morocco, tea tree oil from Australia, thyme from Turkey, and the list goes on and on, from all over the planet.  Each of these locations provides a specific kind of environment that is conducive for these specific plants to grow, thrive and be harvested.  Side bar: climate change is affecting all plant life.  In some cases vastly reducing availability and thereby, increasing prices.

Resin drops on a apricot tree trunk. Macro shot.
Resin drops on a apricot tree trunk. Macro shot.

Back to the colors… Our Honeysuckle scented with resins are rich earthen in color, the Herbal scented with lavender is an emerald green, the Golden Blossom scented with citrus oils has a bright orange hue, the Medicinal with all its herbs has a base of olive oil which presents as greenish brown and the Green Tea, is nearly clear.  Each liquid jewel seduces me with its own unique brand of beauty and I was inspired to lay them in my garden and capture them with my camera.  “Click!” Captured.












5 Tips For Healthier Hair from a Health Coach

African American woman holding bell peppers and vegetables at supermarket


If you’re struggling with breaking, shedding, dry and/or dull hair, you are reading the right article! Many people believe the “right” product and the “right” stylist is all that’s needed for healthy and beautiful hair. But the cold, hard truth is that’s only PART of the equation. What you are feeding – or NOT feeding – your body counts for a whole lot!

Our hair (nails and skin too!) are often an early sign of what’s going on inside our bodies. Assuming your hair care regimen is top-notch, if you’re noticing too much shedding or split ends it could be a sign of nutrient, healthy fat and/or protein deficiency. And before you reach for those hair/nail vitamins – do your research! Not all supplements are created equally AND every person is different so just because Jane noticed an improvement after starting on “hair vitamins” doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same improvement!

The health of your hair is pretty much the same as the health of your body – what’s good for your hair, is also good for the rest of you. That’s comforting news since addressing one, addresses the other at the same time with no special attention need be given!

Here are some tips to creating the ideal environment for the healthy hair we all want:

  1. Eat healthy fats! Gone are the days of low-fat, no fat foods. If you have them at home, throw them away – they often contain lots of sugar, sodium and other nutrient-robbing additives and preservatives. Replace these with healthy fats from olives, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil or full-fat coconut milk, avocado, nuts and seeds.
  1. Hydrate! If you’re drinking more coffee/tea, juice, soda and alcohol than water, you’ve got work to do! You can’t expect healthy hair with dehydrated cells. How much water should you intake? I generally recommend to my clients a goal of 60-80oz per day depending on activity levels and climate. Keep in mind, that’s a MINIMUM intake – ideally, you’d be drinking closer to 90oz per day but I’m all about taking it slow and improving over time.
  1. Quality protein! And no, this does not just include meat! For those of you who are vegans or vegetarians, there are lots of quality protein to choose from – brown rice, quinoa and buckwheat; sea vegetables like spirulina and nori; nuts, seeds and legumes. For the carnivores among us (I’m included in this camp!) think QUALITY over QUANTITY! Organic and pasture-raised meat and dairy should be the goal. I understand they can be expensive but you can find good sales on this type of meat from your local farmer’s markets, Trader Joe’s, Co-Ops and yes, even Whole Food’s has good sales pretty regularly. I’ll go one step further and recommend this: when you can’t afford organic meat, go vegetarian instead – it’s less expensive, equally delicious and really good for you.
  1. Get probiotic! You’re probably wondering what the heck probiotics have to do with hair care and in a word: EVERYTHING! A healthy gut is dependent upon a diverse and happy ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that live there. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed and/or synthesized in the gut. To put it simply: healthy gut = your cells get more vitamins and minerals; healthy cells = healthy hair (all other factors being equal and working well that is).
  1. Reduce your intake of nutrient robbing food. In addition to the empty calories and unhealthy fat you’re getting from your chips, cookies, soda and other highly-processed foods, you’re robbing your cells (and thus your hair) of much needed nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium and sulfur. These are all minerals required for healthy hair (and nails). Sugar is a big stealer of these nutrients so reducing your sugar intake is critical.

As I mentioned before, not only will you improve the quality and look of your hair by incorporating these tips, you should also see improvement in your skin, energy and weight!   That’s a good deal by anyone’s standards!

Chinyere Williams is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach practicing right here in Brooklyn, NY. Her company, Helping Bodies Heal was created to end the confusion, overwhelm and frustration experienced by so many who struggle with their weight, chronic diseases or simply those not sure how to create a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about Chinyere by watching this 35 second video:


Healthy Scalp for Lush Hair

The scalp is often both forgotten and neglected unless something goes wrong.  But you can take preventive measures by having scalp treatments to exfoliate, stimulate, and nourish.  And when time does not allow for a serious scalp treatment, the other alternative is Anu Essentials Medicinal Hair Oil.  While Anu Essentials Golden Blossom is our #1 selling hair product, our Medicinal Hair Oil is a close second.Continue Reading

Texture Definition with Anu Essentials Curling Cream

 Anu Prestonia Blue Hair 2

I am delighted to share with you how I style my hair using Anu Essentials Line of products. I’ve received so many compliments on my hair and have been asked countless times, how I achieve the healthy and lush look of my coils.   So I’ve decided to share my process and offer tips on how to achieve texture definition and conditioning.  It has been a journey for me to figure out what works best for my hair because for so many years I wore protective styles, braids, twists, extensions, Locs, Sister Locks, etc. Now that I wear my out and loose without extensions or Locs, I too need conditioning and styling agents to give my hair that pop. And one of my favorite ways of achieving this is by using Anu Essentials Curling Cream.Continue Reading