The Hypnotic Linden Blossom

Just as the Summer Solstice began so did the gorgeous blossoming of the linden blossom tree and its intoxicating fragrance. Right next to my house stands a huge linden blossom tree and every summer it perfumes the entire block with its hypnotic honey and floral aroma. From the time you enter the block, you can’t help but notice it. It permeates the air giving one a feeling of having been transported somewhere far away, open and beautiful. But here it stands on this city block a gift to all who are within a sniffing radius.  The down side is, the fragrance only lasts a week or so.

Linden Blossom oil is a bespoke essence that is used in perfumery and high end beauty products. It is said to beautify the skin in the same way that rose oil does. The scent profile is soft and mild as an essential oil, much lighter than the aroma it emits from the tree. For a novice and professionals alike it may be difficult to distinguish linden blossom in a perfume, but it adds its own subtle beauty to any fragrance.

The aroma is so intoxicatingly beautiful, that I had to grab my step stool, my pruner and cut a branch and bring it in my home. To my delight the fragrance continued to perfume the air in my home for several days.  It’s so difficult for me to be in the gym when it’s beautiful outside so I began walking in Prospect Park again.  There are several linden blossom trees that are blooming on the walking, running,  biking route.  Each time I reached one, I had to just stop, inhale deeply, exhale, and repeat. I will be a launching a perfume this fall with linden blossom. So inhale deeply and stay tuned.



Mommy – Get Ready To Bloom!

There is no substitute for a mother’s love.  Some have been fortunate to have loving, supportive mothers.  Others lost their moms at a young age, some barely knew their moms or knew them not at all.

Mother’s Day, like many national holidays, can bring up a mixed bag of emotions.  As I wrestle with my mom’s latest illness, I realize the enormous love my mother has had for me and I for her, but I cannot discount the fact that mother/ daughter relationships can be fraught with complications.  In the end, love is the greatest healer.

serenity and yoga practicing at sunset, meditation

We all need to be mothered in one way or another.  One way to heal the mothering energy is to nurture ourselves.  When we nurture ourselves, it’s easier to nurture others  from a pure place. We bathe those in need with unconditional love.  This is the behavior of a healthy, mother energy.  If you’ve had a mom who has impacted your life in a most positive way, I know you count your blessings daily.  For those who have not had that kind of love, I think of you, especially on this occasion and send you Light and Love.  And for those who have recently lost their Mothers, I feel your pain more now than ever…  Mother’s Day can be a great time to put together a memory shrine for your mom no matter when she made her transition.

We have two botanical offerings to help invoke that nurturing energy, our Spiritual Spritzer called Nurturing and our Sea Scape Perfume.  Both are made with real jasmine essential oil and elements from the sea to calm and heal, not just for this special occasion, but for all year round.  Yemanja, Auset, Mother Mary, Privhti we call on you!

Happy Mother’s Day To All!


The End of The Line

It has not been easy for me to admit this to myself, let alone anyone else. But I can no longer delay informing you that after much consideration I have decided to discontinue the Anu Essentials Line of Hair Products with the exception of the Hair Oils. Our botanically infused Hair Oils have been handmade by yours truly since 1980 and will continue on.

In the current stock there are just a dozen or so of the Deep Conditioner and a couple of dozen of the Nourishing Gel Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioner. But due to a recent delivery there is enough Leave-In-Conditioner, Luscious Curling Cream and Soft Set Gel to last through the spring and summer. Yes, I know. I’m more heart broken than you can imagine over this reality. But at this point I must cut my losses.

My focus now is on my true love, botanical elements (herbs and essential oils) and all the ways I can infuse them into our lives. This includes Body Care, Essential Oil remedies (soon to come) mood enhancers that include our Refresh and Spiritual Spritzers, Perfumes and semi-precious, gem stone jewels. We will also be offering unique home and environment fragrances to enliven, cleanse and enhance your breathing space. It is our plan to expand in all the above categories.

As one who has been studying the healing arts for many years, I have studied Chinese Medicine, I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, and Reiki Practitioner, the desire to heal is a part of my DNA.  The infusion of herbal based beauty and environmental care products of Anu Essentials are an extension of my desire to offer natural healing solutions that beautify and inspire. I will be turning 60 years young this month and what better time than now to fulfill my soul’s desire to heal and beautify using the gifts from God, via nature?

Anu Prestonia – Yoga photo session, summer 2016

I would like offer my heart felt appreciation to all those who have supported Anu Essentials line of Natural Hair Products over these four years. We encourage you to stock up on the Hair Products you like most, while they last. I have! Due to the quality and cost of manufacturing the products, there will be no sale or reduction of prices.

Last but not least, Great News!!! We are very excited to inform you we will be launching a new Anu Essentials website in July.  Stay tune.  And Many Thanks!



Reveal Your Inner Beauty

This new moon cycle is headed towards a full moon in the planet Venus. This is the planet that influences love, relationships, beauty, the arts and everything lovely. Ahhh, this is great news because that means for the next 30 days or so you will be able to more easily tap into that energy which is in charge of not only external beauty but also the beauty that comes from within.

Beauty is initially observed externally by the eyes, you know, “in the eyes of the beholder”. But as we have all experienced, true beauty comes from within. When you’re in the presence of someone who radiates sweetness, harmony, kindness you know that you’re experiencing a form of  beauty, an element that feels good and that we may forget, is a gift from the Divine, from God.  Those who are naturally born with this disposition are truly blessed.  The rest of us need to work on it.

This is a most auspicious time to make a commitment to transcend energies, behaviors, and habits that are counter to being the embodiment of inner beauty. In other words you can determine for this lunar cycle to bring on the sweetness, harmony and kindness, particularly when you’re not in the mood to do so. That’s when it really counts. Anybody can be sweet when things are going their way and life seems lovely.  But getting down to the true work of invoking inner beauty means conjuring up that sweetness when your friend, spouse, co-worker, and others “seemingly” annoy and anger you. We are able to evolve when we realize no matter what others do, everything we express comes from within us.


The best way to harness sweetness when circumstances warrant your justification to be angry or to have a bad attitude is to just STOP. Stop the momentum of going down that habitual behavioral road and recognize what has just happened. Look at how you’re feeling and know that you have the ability to make another choice about how you feel and how you respond. Now if you’re driving I’m not saying stop in the middle of the road, I’m saying stop the thoughts that would have you be anything other than understanding, kind, and compassionate. Decide not to curse out the driver that just cut you off.  You’re in your car, he can’t hear you anyway.  Just stop, take a breath, instead of habitually reacting.

Take a long, slow, deep breath in and then exhale, deeply, slowly. Do this several times to gain control over your emotions and your thoughts. Think of how wonderful it would feel if you decided whatever it was that has triggered you, has no control over how you will react. It’s not easy, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. Over time, practice will make it easier for you to catch yourself any time these negative emotions arise. Instead, embody that sweet Venusian energy.


In many cultures there are deities (goddesses, angels, spirits) that are associated with this energy. They have names like Het Heru, Oshun, Venus, and Aphrodite, all of whom are the embodiment of love, joy, beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Associated with this energy are the color combination of yellow and green ~ yellow roses, peacocks, rose quartz stones and rose oil. Rose oil is famed for its healing properties for the heart (that’s why roses are given to demonstrate love) and can be also be found in many high end skin care products.  Our Sita Perfume is an ode to this energy with rose, sandalwood and patchouli as its accord. Also, our Sultry Body Polishes, Body Butters and Soaps are all scented with rose to get you in the sweetness mode.

Dungeness River Olympic National Park Washington USA
Dungeness River Olympic National Park ~ Washington, USA

So go ahead and call on this energy that flows, that goes with the flow, that moves around obstructions, obstacles, and defuses conflict and combativeness. After all, this energy is said dwell in rivers, which when clean, are ever flowing.  In the end, it’s not enough to look beautiful, outer beauty fades.  We should all strive to be beautiful.  And it is most easy to evoke this good feeling energy by listening to music you love, dancing, socializing, smiling and having fun.  You are in charge of your emotions, so create joy and with observation and contemplation may you be able to more easily access your inner beauty.




She’s Gotta Have It ~ Creative Journeys – Anu

What an honor to be included in the 30th Anniversary of She’s Gotta Have It.  This is a feature video sponsored by Moleskin’s new notebook, which honors Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It.