Mommy – Get Ready To Bloom!

There is no substitute for a mother’s love.  Some have been fortunate to have loving, supportive mothers.  Others lost their moms at a young age, some barely knew their moms or knew them not at all.

Mother’s Day, like many national holidays, can bring up a mixed bag of emotions.  As I wrestle with my mom’s latest illness, I realize the enormous love my mother has had for me and I for her, but I cannot discount the fact that mother/ daughter relationships can be fraught with complications.  In the end, love is the greatest healer.

serenity and yoga practicing at sunset, meditation

We all need to be mothered in one way or another.  One way to heal the mothering energy is to nurture ourselves.  When we nurture ourselves, it’s easier to nurture others  from a pure place. We bathe those in need with unconditional love.  This is the behavior of a healthy, mother energy.  If you’ve had a mom who has impacted your life in a most positive way, I know you count your blessings daily.  For those who have not had that kind of love, I think of you, especially on this occasion and send you Light and Love.  And for those who have recently lost their Mothers, I feel your pain more now than ever…  Mother’s Day can be a great time to put together a memory shrine for your mom no matter when she made her transition.

We have two botanical offerings to help invoke that nurturing energy, our Spiritual Spritzer called Nurturing and our Sea Scape Perfume.  Both are made with real jasmine essential oil and elements from the sea to calm and heal, not just for this special occasion, but for all year round.  Yemanja, Auset, Mother Mary, Privhti we call on you!

Happy Mother’s Day To All!


SeaScape – A Funky Sweet Jasmine Bouquet!




Now that the sweet days of summer are officially behind us, you may find yourself reminiscing about sunny days by the seaside.  I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia a city with so many beaches.  It seemed every weekend of the summer my mom would take us to the beach.  My mom would scold me about how far out I’d like to swim; and she still does.  I just have a love and fearlessness about being in the water.  At the age of 10 my family relocated to NY, which is, as quiet as it’s kept, also a beach town, an island surrounded by water, beaches.  I always imagined that one day I’d live within feet of a beach…that no loner seems prudent given climate changeContinue Reading